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Relationships = Revenue

Scout is your customer relationship assistant. It will listen for important customer events, alert you about them, and recommend actions.

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🛵💰 Motorsports brand earns extra $280,000 on phone.

Our revenue has jumped almost 20% since using Scout. I don’t know how we’d recover carts without it...I use Scout everyday...
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🛋️💬 Furniture store recovers 70% orders with WhatsApp.

The Scout script is written really well, ‘I hope it’s OK to reach out, this is a courtesy message’ it feels respectful and polite...
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📞💸 Calling abandoned checkouts: Why, when, and how.

It was from calling my abandoned cart customers that I discovered why auto cart-recovery emails only work 10% of the time...
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Callback Request turns interested site visitors into qualified sales calls. The phone is highly effective for closing sales and building customer loyalty.

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Extra Resources

Customer Segmentation

Here are 11 categories you can group your customers in to increase ROI...

Tackling Abandoned Checkouts

What's better than a recovered order? Learning why it was abandoned...

Ancient Chinese Customer Segmentation

Our fun take on how Chinese philosophers may have segmented...

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5 benefits of calling and saying “Thank You” to your customers

After starting to call customers just to say “thank you” I saw a huge change in my outlook and overall optimism about my business. I was making more money through upsells, but I was also building better relationships...

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How to thank your customers: Call script for ecommerce merchants

You get it. Saying "thank you" is a great excuse to get some 1-on-1 time with customers. Gratitude is the key to a loyal customer relationship. In this post we outline a great call script you can use in your thank you calls today...

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Evidence: Scout lead to 55% abandoned checkout recovery

In my first week using Scout I had 31 dropped checkouts. I was able to recover 17 of them, recovering $2,088.34 in revenue. That’s $123 per day in just a few minutes of work. Below you will see evidence of this…

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2 Minute Lessons

How to be more like Zappos

Zappos built a $1 Billion business through it's customer support. Let's see how...

4 Steps of Customer Decision Making

Observe > Orient > Decide > Act! How your customers think when buying...

Tackling Abandoned Checkouts

Think of ecommerce sales like a game where Defense will increase sales...

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Using Customer Profiles

"Humans are a lot different than what you write down." Learn who your customers are and what they really want.

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Sell our Story, not your Product

Facebook ads in ecommerce are often product focused. But what happens when you focus ads on your story instead?

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Finding a Niche, Pragmatism vs. Passion

What it means to add meaningful value when you’re dropshipping (and why that's critical).

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Building Relationships with Indie Retailers

Before you can get your products into retail stores, retailers need to trust that they have the potential to fly off the shelves.

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